9th grade+

Oak Meadow language arts was a link sent from my friend Kendal over at Field Schoolers (she doesn’t use Oak Meadow but is an experienced Montessori teacher who knows oh so much about curriculum). It has some great reading choices.  There’s even a common core supplement for those who want it or need it for state compliance.

Write at Home – Language Arts

The Lukeion Project – ages 10 and up – classical courses for middle and high school

Build Your Library – full year secular homeschool curriculum for 9th grade.

USA Computing Olympiad training (hundreds of hours of free online training). Sample problem here.  This is for kids who already know basic programming.

Edx.org: free high school courses (including AP). These are worth a look.

Elemental Science

SAT Prep – Terrible site name but reasonably priced test prep material that I’ve seen recommended in secular homeschool groups.

PrepScholar – highly recommended test prep online.  Reviews for this site are really good.