9th grade+

I haven’t homeschooled above 8th grade, but here are resources that friends with high school students have used.

A la carte classes:

You can create your own transcript for high school if you go this route – email me for resources if needed.

Wide Open School

Study.com – lots of full courses.  This site is organized and  is popular with a lot of homeschoolers currently – 59.99 a month per students. Middle school class options as well.

Thinkwell Homeschool

Oak Meadow language arts  has some great reading choices.  There’s even a common core supplement for those who want it or need it for state compliance.

Write at Home and Lost Tools of Writing – Language Arts

The Lukeion Project – ages 10 and up – classical courses for middle and high school


Build Your Library – full year secular homeschool curriculum for 9th grade.

USA Computing Olympiad training (hundreds of hours of free online training). Sample problem here.  This is for kids who already know basic programming.

Edx.org: free high school courses (including AP). These are worth a look.

Elemental Science

SAT Prep – Reasonably priced test prep material that I’ve seen recommended in secular homeschool groups.

PrepScholar – highly recommended test prep online.  Reviews for this site are really good.

Outschool – choose courses based on ratings and interest. My kids love art classes by Shannon Kline Collins and Jennifer Rowe, for example

AP Homeschoolers – AP Online classes

Blue Tent – full year courses (usually have to sign up in March of prior year)

Dreaming Spire Home Learning

College student tutors at gopeer.org – we haven’t used this but the article about the site looks good and there’s info on how to get free lessons at the bottom.

Full school options:

iUniversity Prep (for Texas residents) – recommended by several friends whose kids went on to excellent universities from this program

Power Homeschool

Stanford Online High School – this is a $$$$ program but an educator I trust recommends it and knows some of the people involved.

Williamsburg Academy – free in some states with homeschool charters