Geography / World Cultures

Homeschooling with The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race (Hulu has all seasons) has been running for so long that it’s an excellent way for kids to learn geography and about cultures of the world.  (Skip season one and maybe season 2 – too much drama). The Savvy Homeschools moms have files you can buy for just a basic activity to do while watching.  Also it’s worth visiting their main site – the content is older but I listened to all their podcasts (not necessary) and was really happy with a lot of their recommendations, especially books to read.  Just go to the episodes page and check the show notes to save a lot of time.


Online Geography Quiz – my 11 year old thought these were fun.

Stack the States – you’ve probably heard of this app. If not, grab it!  Younger child learned so much from this and loved it.

Stack the Countries older child claims she can still map every single country in Africa from this. Not sure that’s worth anything, but it was definitely a road block on the Amazing Race.

New York Times’ Country of the Week

Documentaries – Geography and World Cultures

Street Food – Japan, Thailand, India, Singapore, Vietnam…we all loved this series.