Middle school

Language Arts

Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6

Write at Home

A Pirate’s Guide to the Grammar of Story

The Lukeion Project – language arts online coursework


6th grade is the perfect year to jump into online classes. Our first was with Natural Math and my daughter loved it.

Prodigy Math – online for grades 1-8. This was recommended to me by a teacher in New York. Set up help can be found on this page.

Acellus – online option for $30 a month, all subjects. My 8 year old in particular likes this one. Several homeschool families we know use this option for much of their learning.


Elemental Science

Physics for 6th grade – part of the Life of Fred Pre-Algebra Series


Tools and methods

Forces, speed, velocity and acceleration

Energy and energy transfers

Simple machines and mechanical advantage

Waves and light



Periodic Table


We love the Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History. You can spend a 15-30 minute period on any time in American history and really learn some interesting tidbits.