Fix-it Grammar (grades 3-12). From IEW.  Placement test can be found here.  This is a popular series for online classes, but it’s easy to do on your own.

Check out the free downloads

My friend Ann Marie recommended this from IEW.  She’s a trusted source for great curriculum! There’s so much on this site, just start digging.


Essentials in Writing

The Lost tools of writing

Poetry contests (with prize money)

Write at Home – Middle and high school writing courses

Don’t Forget to Write – no personal experience with this one, but Dave Eggers is somehow involved, and I’ve seen it recommended in so many places. Worth checking out at least.  The writing for pets and jokes and riddles chapters definitely got my attention.

Storybird – this is a really cute site for helping kids write their stories.  It’s worth checking out. For all ages.