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This site was originally intended for friends who were either curious, thinking about homeschooling, considering hitting the road for a while and leaving school, or not happy with their schools and wanted to supplement at home. After the recent turn of events, I’ve heard from so many people who need some great at-home resources.

If you’re home for a year, you really only *need* to do math and the rest can be fun. It’s really very simple to catch up when back in school after only missing a year.

Some fun & educational things to start with:

  1. our favorite books and audiobooks – there are guides for discussion & activities for almost all of them online
  2. podcasts
  3. documentaries
  4. youtube favorite channels

A daily routine on weekdays sounds obvious but is important – we use a whiteboard and have a plan for each person for the week on it. I’ll try to find some sample schedules and post them.   1st-5th grade can usually be completed in 1- 2 hrs total working time per day.

You don’t have to work on every subject daily – a science unit of inquiry (inquiry based learning) could take many weeks and include:

  1. checking out Science Olympiad’s Disease Detectives resources
  2. watching Pandemic (Netflix documentary)
  3. (high school age) reading The Great Influenza
  4. playing Pandemic (the board game)
  5. learning how the immune system works (and going down a TED-Ed rabbit hole on other topics as well)
  6. playing the CDC game Solve the Outbreak
  7. figuring out what being an epidemiologist involves
  8. watching how hand sanitizer works (Mystery Science is a great program with a lot of free content)
  9. checking out Crash Course immune system & looking up all kinds of viruses
  10. if there’s enough interest, starting a complete biology science course on
  11. explore topics of interest on Wide Open School


Below I’ve outlined by grade and then by subject materials you can use for a break from school.

If you want to look at the released STAAR tests by grade, it’s a pretty simple way to outline what you can work on if you just want to take a gap year from a Texas public school.

Early Elementary Grades (1-3)

4th-5th grades

Middle school

9th grade+

All grades/levels:



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General Secular Curriculum


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