Gap year and roadschooling resources

Homeschooling on the road and gap year resources

Provided first by grade groups and then by subject area below:

Some kids just need a break from the grind of long school days and homework so they can spend time on a hobby, sport, projects, learning independently, or whatever they love doing. A year off can work wonders for a child who needs a break from school, and it’s easy to take one in Texas.

Below I’ve outlined by grade and then by subject materials you can use for this year off school.  I’ve tried to make it as travel-friendly as possible, so that most of what you need can be accessed online or printed at the nearest print shop.  The most comprehensive list a friend found for online coursework is from

If you want to look at the released STAAR tests by grade, it’s a pretty simple way to outline what you can work on if you just want to take a gap year (or two!) from a Texas public school.


Early Elementary Grades (1-3)

4th-5th grades

Middle school

9th grade+

All grades/levels:









Social Studies

Art & Design

General Secular Curriculum

Reading List for Grown Ups

Frequently Asked Questions about homeschooling



Athena’s Academy – secular online classes, highly recommended by friends.

Outschool – offers more than 3000 classes, 12 year old taking first one now.  Great reviews from local homeschool friends I trust.

Online Scribblers (K-12 Language Arts)

Outschool – lots of fellow homeschoolers love this site for online study.

Blue Tent – full year courses

Organization – teacher / homeschool parent organization

My Homework – goes with but used for student’s own planning (from google)


Homeschool Tracker

Asana is one my coworkers used and loved.

Curriculum Sources