Reading list (on education)

Book list (**This site contains affiliate links)

The Read-Aloud Handbook – I think this is a must-read, especially if you’re worried about writing.  Lots of recommended books to read aloud. One sentence summary: Read aloud to your kids as much as possible from birth until they leave your home, from every kind of source you can get your hands on. Jim Trelease also maintains reading lists on his website.

Mindset – Another must-read about fixed vs growth mindset. You’ll figure out which one you are pretty quickly. You want to help your kids achieve growth mindset and this book tells why plus how to help with this.

How to Raise an Adult – of all the parenting / childhood / education books I’ve read in the last couple of years, this is one of the best.

For when you’re still just thinking about homeschooling:

Unschooling Rules

A Year of Learning Dangerously (not my favorite book, but it really shows it’s ok to take a year off school “just to see what happens”.)

Drive – this one applies as much to your job as it does to education. Good follow up regarding state testing from edutopia as well.

How to Raise an Adult – best parenting book of all the parenting books

Parenting Beyond Belief – THE book for non-churchgoing families


Atlantic Monthly on Math

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