Favorite books / reading lists for kids

BOok recommendations

My kids are picky readers and won’t finish anything they don’t really enjoy.  The keepers are books they’ve finished and think are worth recommending, so here are some lists I’ve compiled over the years.

9-12 year old reading list:

Also, these are untested but I found a massive list of young adult historical book recommendations. Seriously, someone put a lot of work into this site and it’s worth checking out to add to your social studies homeschool program.

6-8 year old approved reading list (in order of difficulty):


If you’re homeschooling in a city, you’re probably on the bus or in a car a lot.  Lots of libraries have these for free, either downloadable on Overdrive or on CDs.  The books on this list include ones we found to be particularly well narrated and family-friendly.

Here is a list of 100 audiobooks for kids from Bookriot. We are working through this list.

Some other sources – the I Love Libraries site maintained by the American Library Organization. Here’s an example of a list of graphic novels for kids grades 3-5.  There are lots of lists on the recommended reading page as well.

Award winners from Reading Rockets is the most comprehensive book award list I’ve found.  Here’s Reading Rockets’ book finder page, which is also a massive list of reading recommendations