New York City area

We had a great trip this month to New York to see some old friends and check out the city with big kids.

Priceline is still a great option for booking a hotel in New York – since 2000 I’ve found the best prices there.  We booked a room and got the Marriott on Lexington and 49th, which was close to Grand Central Station. Since we were taking the train in and out of Somers, NY, it was convenient to catch the Metro North.

We had tickets to see the Berlin Philharmonic while they were in town

Basses setting up for the Beethoven concert

but the highlight of the trip for the kids was the Met. I was pretty surprised how much they liked it and we spent the whole day there. It has a cafe, but it’s expensive. Bringing food is allowed, so with kids do that! Plan at least a 1/2 day here.

And one of my former students gave me this cool handmade gift (she was visiting from Ecuador, carried it on the plane, and had quite a time getting it through security):

The kids enjoyed Westchester county too, check out this beautiful November weather:

IMG_5909If you can find a good Airbnb or hotel rate, Westchester is a great place to stay. You have access to the city by train, and depending on where you’re flying from, HPN airport is so small, has flight deals, and is easy to deal with. The only downside is you need a car here.

New York City area

One of the richest places to take a homeschooling trip.  If you spend a couple of days, go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural History.  You can pay what you can afford at both museums, so don’t let the ticket prices keep you away.

Must eat! Ess-a-bagel 831 Third Ave (50-51st).  Local tip – don’t wait in the line and go straight to the back where the baskets of bagels are.  Buy a bag, then move to the counter just to your left and get drinks/tubs of cream cheese or whitefish salad (yum).  This is totally legit, and you’ll save up to an hour wait!

Eat the pizza.  You’ll save money and practically every pizzeria is better than what’s in your hometown, I promise.  Stay away from food anywhere near Times Square.

Broadway shows – try Broadway for Broke People for a lottery or Broadway Box

Not recommended in high season: Empire State building. If it’s a slow time, go, but otherwise the wait is insane.  Also some friends of ours liked the new One World Observatory, but be prepared to spend a lot of money.

Not recommended: Children’s Museum of the Arts


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