To see:

Mercado Carmen – best food in the city (recommended by a number of locals)

Underground tunnels! These are worth visiting. Entrances can be hard to find, many of the uber and taxi drivers know where to take you.

The oldest library in the Americas, the Bibiloteca Palafoxiana!

Avenida Juarez has a number of restaurants, some of them very fancy.  Our favorite was El Parrillaje, which had excellent service. Lunch for 4 cost about $50 USD – that’s kind of outrageous for Puebla.

Everyone recommended the Mercado El Parián to us. We went twice, but I really didn’t find anything there worth buying. There’s a lot of cheap things from China in the market that are not local goods. There are a few great shops in buildings close by – take the time to explore around there.

Need a local driver for Puebla, Cholula, Atlixco, or transport to Mexico City? I have 3 driver contact numbers who are dependable. Shoot me an email!


Our favorite shop was Iquiti.  The owner also keeps her facebook page updated.  The shop is located here:

And here are some photos of the shop and its very friendly owner!

Favorite foods:

Tacos Arabes

Hackl bakery – the guy spoke to me in German when I walked in.  That tells you a lot about the bread.

Day / Overnight trips from Puebla

Cholula – stay at the Hotel Real de Naturales de Cholula but eat elsewhere. 700-750 pesos (about $40 USD) per night.

Tonanzintla church

Tacos Arabes – the best on the whole trip were from La Parrilla del Candido, hands down.   It’s a little bit of a walk from the more touristy places, and well worth it. Check out these photos:

Las Duyas is a great place to eat at the Zocalo in Cholula – we visited there several times. They serve amazing, giant breakfasts right on the patio!

The mostly underground pyramid is one of the main reasons to visit Cholula as well, plus here’s a good cemitas stand in the big market not far from the main square:

Here are 3 dishes we tried from Fonda de Santa Clara in the centro. The waiters were so nice and the food was good – there are many locations in town.

Atlixco – stay as close to the Zocalo as you can. There are some nice outlying hotels if you have a car, but a recommendation is the Hotel Alquería de Carrión (about $80 US).  It has a lovely pool that will probably be empty in the off season – we pretty much had a private pool the entire 2 days of our stay. It was very hot at that time, so it was a nice place to cool off.  Walk to restaurants nearby.  A two night stay in Atlixco will be plenty.


Tlaxcala – state just north of Puebla, very close for day trips.

Centro Vacacional IMSS Metepec – I’d say skip it but I had to put something up about this place! Mosquitos ate us alive in our rooms.  $50 US a night for 4 people if you must.  That’s a lot of money for what is just like dorms I stayed in at LSU camps.

Guide to tipping in Mexico from a local Puebla magazine:

Restaurants: 10-15% of total check. Bars: 15-20% of the total check

Housekeeping: Minimum 15 pesos a day. Leave double or triple that if you can.

Concierge: 50-100 pesos if you request a service from them.