Early Elem Science: – a longtime homeschooler with a college student has used this for all of her kids. She swears by the lentil science one. Here is their whole early elementary series.  This is an old homeschool program, so there’s not much on Amazon – their website is much more thorough.

BFSU has a huge following and online community for help. We used their books but mainly for the reading lists and some experiments. It’s a complete science curriculum.  Here’s a detailed review of the program – if you like this series, you don’t need much else.

Elemental Science – complete curriculum



I don’t recommend Real Science Odyssey Chemistry, which is a popular chemistry course.  Check out the Homeschool Science Geek site for some secular Chemistry resources (and also Physics, Biology, etc can be found from the front page.)

This Elemental Science site has options to explore for chemistry (more classical homeschool style).

General science knowledge

  • Online
    • – highly recommended by a contact as a better free resource than Khan Academy.
    • New York Times Science Take or just the whole science section. This paper is worth the monthly subscription for kids 10 and up!
    • Discovery Education – worth the subscription or at least use the free 3 month trial while you travel
    • Subscribe to the New York Times Science Newsletter. Here’s an example of one on a broad range of topics that I just received by email. It even included the Lost Gardens of Emily Dickinson.

Fun random things to try:

Zooniverse – I heard about this site on a podcast. This is real data that a scientist somewhere needs help sifting through.  You have to see it!

Mystery Science – excellent travel science site. All you need is an internet connected device, a pencil, and sometimes a printer (or access to a print shop).

Media for Science:


Nova (PBS)

239 Sites about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math