Taos, New Mexico

Taos takes around 12 or 13 hours, but it’s a lot of west Texas driving through very little traffic. It’s not stressful if you’re used to city traffic. ┬áThat also means there are minimal choices for food. You’re on your own except for two recommended restaurants I think are good enough to suggest:

Leave early from Austin. Stop for breakfast at El Tapatio in Goldthwaite, Texas. You’ll be hungry! It’s busy, friendly and delicious.

Drive, drive, drive and drive some more.

Stop in Clovis, New Mexico, for Mexican food if you can. Taqueria Jalisco seems to be hit or miss from friends’ reports, but there are 2 dishes that are great road trip meals:

The enchiladas and mini tacos in the photos are definitely recommended. And their salsa is pretty divine.  Hard shell taco photo included just cause I had it and kids may like. Nothing special.