Things we love

School supplies

Jacobsen salt – rosemary one is just unreal.

For documenting homeschool work and photos (if you need to for the state or just for fun) – print onto stickers from your phone using this printer.

Iwako erasers – take them to dinner with friends who have kids. They’ll love you.

Oxo good grips clips

Maldon salt pinch tins – my foodie aunt says it’s okay to take these to restaurants.  Smoked ones too!

Glow in the dark scorpion necklace.  This isn’t a joke.  Kid-tested.

Chicken shoes!! A friend sent me this link and I couldn’t believe it.  For chicken lovers. And also, the boots.

Sun Bum stick – my good friend in NY told me about this. Total winner, smells great.

RBG t-shirts  Ruth Bader Ginsburg on your shirt!

Making our own deodorant. Not kidding. It smells great and it works. It’s so popular here in Austin that I’ve taken it off the site so a friend can explore a biz op…but email for a sample!

Nava Design Notebooks, such as Medium Things and Mini Things. Great for budding writers.


The Wednesday Chef and her soon to be released German Baking Book.

Delicious German baking recipes

David Lebovitz. Really, my whole family has an obsession with his Italian Almond Cookies. Next up is  Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream with that ice cream maker we never use.


Overnight sourdough waffles – you can buy a sourdough starter from the King Arthur site or just ask a friend who uses it for a little bit to get started. This recipe is one I make over and over.  Sourdough isn’t much work and is totally worth it.

Reading lists – for grownups

Favorite homeschool WeBsites

(The ones I return to over and over….)

Eclectic Homeschooling (some religious curriculum, mostly secular) has a free unit studies page and especially interesting information about learning languages.

Gilder Lehman Institute for American History – linked to the American Revolution page for an example.  Interesting timeline to work through starting with a middle school aged homeschool group.

SEA Homeschoolers Facebook group

For a rainy day, check out Zooniverse.  Projects you can help sort data (real science!) Kids really get into it.