Things we love

Random list in no particular order….these are affiliate links so if you click through we get a small % of the sale. (Thanks!) – in case you missed this under foreign language

School supplies

Subscription boxes Mel Science is a great one to start with (good for 10 and up but there’s a younger version as well)

Reading list – short one for grown ups

Waking Up – our favorite meditation app. It has a lot of free content even though some is subscription based.

Sourdough bread making supplies – read the Tartine book, make the Tartine bread. For the best sourdough pizza, get the Pizzacraft PizzaQue

Gifts for kids:

Squishy mochi cats

Iwako erasers – take them to dinner with friends who have young children. They’ll love you.

Favorite homeschool WeBsites

(The ones I return to over and over….)

Eclectic Homeschooling (some religious curriculum, mostly secular) has a free unit studies page and especially interesting information about learning languages.

Gilder Lehman Institute for American History – linked to the American Revolution page for an example.  Interesting timeline to work through starting with a middle school aged homeschool group.

SEA Homeschoolers Facebook group – my favorite online forum for secular homeschooling.  The group is supportive and easy to search for curriculum recs.