Travel planning

One of my favorite sites for travel tips is from Nomadic Matt.  Start here with 61 travel tips. This is a site to explore in detail.

This is a complete guide to planning for an international family trip.

And last, our packing list. This has taken us from backpacking in Colombia to a long stay in Germany. Everything we need is on this list.

We just flew TAP Airlines through Lisbon for the first time – don’t forget to check these smaller airlines for amazing fares.  It was super cheap for a one way from Berlin – NY.  And Lisbon is a great place for a long layover (TAP often has cheap fares but long stops).  Try the sushi at Go Natural, we loved it.

Rental car tips here – try to rent away from the airport if possible (to save a lot of fees), and in international cities, be sure to check counter times (many close for lunch!) It’s also important to get the navigational system set to your own language and check the rules on the road in foreign countries (no right on red in Germany, for example!)  The State Department has a pretty good overview of driving rules by country. Type the country you’re visiting, click Go and scroll to the bottom menu: “Travel & Transportation”.